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Dog Walking Field

This is a 1 acre field that can be booked for dog walking.


Before your first booking you will need an induction with me at the field, to show you how to get in, where you can go and what basic rules are.



The initial induction will cost £8 as a one off fee.

Bookings there after cost £12 per hour, for one dog is £12 and £8 per dog for any additional dogs.



You’re one hour starts on the hour you have booked:

50 minutes on the field and 10 minutes to pack up and leave, so the next customer starts their slot on the hour.

The field is only used by one customer at a time, to prevent dog on dog aggression and reactivity, or dog and people reactivity.

French Bulldog

Time Slots

Monday to Sunday at 6:30pm or 7:30pm for one hour

The field is also available, subject to booking, all day Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Date and time - please let me know the date and time you would like to book:


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