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Hello, I'm Jamie Jewell, Dog Trainer and business owner of Optimistic Dogz

I believe it’s never too late to teach an old pet (and it's owner) new behaviours!

I'm a qualified a dog training instructor with the B.I.P.D.T (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers) since 2010. I have also studied and passed both a training and behavioural based exam with Absolute dogs.

I was with obsidian K9 and was the secretary but came away when I took up KNPV as that now uses up all my spare time now with PHV Lorockmor. It is a KNPV club.


KNPV is the Dutch Royal program designed to create police dogs in Holland. The dogs are trained to a very high standard and can take 2 to 3 years in order to pass the test known as the PH1.


Currently only a handful of people from the UK have passed this test I intend to be the first person from Wales to pass this test with my dog Tân next year.

I also own a Doggy Day Care business which has been running for many many years and have been working solely with dogs for about 17 years


Man with his Dog

Training Services

Obedience & Manners

I can help you build engagement with your dog and then bring in the basics of sit down loose lead walk simple recall and basic manners.

Private Training

If your dog struggles in group situation we can arrange private sessions to help you with your struggles.

Dog at the Beach

Join my

Training Club

Bite Work

All dogs can enjoy bite work at the level that suits them from French Bulldogs to Labradors - it can be a great way to reach fulfilment and enriching activity for dogs.

Group Training

I am currently not running a Group Training workshop but please join my waiting list and I will let you know when the next one is happening.

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