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Private Training

This training is for dog owners that are really struggling with behavioural issues, such as:

redirection, human aggression, dog aggression, anxiety and extreme pulling on the lead, etc.

I offer bespoke training to suit the needs of you and your dog. This process starts with a 3 hour session, so I can assess your dog in a natural environment and then we will discuss the issues and build a plan. There will be a lot of information to cover, so that you understand what we are doing and why, you will also learn techniques to see you through the difficulties.

This session is a mix of theory and practical training to begin the “fixing“ process.

Behaviour issues take months of training and aren’t always completely resolved but we will work hard to get you and your dog to a much better place.

All of my training includes free communication via WhatsApp or Messager for six months, to discuss any of the work we will have already done.

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